Ben Watson's Record is Proven

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Proven for Health Care Reform

Proven for Health

Care Reform

Sen. Ben Watson sponsored SB 16, “The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Act,” to add Georgia to the list of states that accept each other’s medical licenses.

This bill will allow doctors to more easily practice across states lines and will help in the issue of Georgia’s shortage of doctors.

Ben also supported the “Patients First Act” to allow Georgia to request federal waivers for Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. SB 106 will help increase access to health care in our state and lower insurance premiums.

Proven on Coastal Issues

Proven on

Coastal Issues

Representing the interests of Georgia’s coastal community will always be a priority for Sen. Watson. Ben sponsored HB 445 to amend the current Shore Protection Act and better protect our coastline.

This legislation creates a new definition for “dynamic dune field” and specifies where construction may be permitted on the landward side of a dune. Sen. Watson also voted in favor of legislation to safeguard Georgia’s estuarine areas and bring oyster farming to our state.

Proven for Tax Relief

Proven on

Tax Relief

Sen. Watson helped pass a 10 percent income tax cut for Georgians — the largest income tax cut in state history. The tax reduces the rate from 6.0 to 5.5 percent and doubles the standard deduction for all Georgians.

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